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Speciality Equipment

Single Bellows Expansion Joints

Accord custom manufactures single bellows expansion joints in 1-1/2" through 96" diameters. Bellows design follows EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) standards and all welding is in accordance with ASME Section IX. T-321 stainless steel is the most widely used material for bellows applications. Accord can also fabricate expansion joints in other alloys such as Inconel 625, Inconel 600, Inconel 825, Monel 400, Hastelloy C276, T-316-L stainless steel, T-304 stainless steel, T-310 stainless steel and many other alloys.

Non-standard and metric sizes can also be furnished by Accord.

Plate Flange Single Bellow: Economical plate flanges are drilled to ANSI B16.5 specifications with machined flat face finish. Raised faces are optional. Standard material is A-36 carbon steel with stainless steel and other alloys available. Accord has complete machining capabilities to meet your custom flange requirements.

Forged Flange Single Bellow: Forged flanges may be required to meet codes or elevated pressure requirements. A105 forged steel and A184 stainless raised face slip on flanges are available in 150#, 300#, 600#, and higher classes with many different flange facings.

Vanstone Flanged Single Bellows: Accord manufactures vanstone stub ends in a variety of materials and thickness. Stainless steel, Inconel, and Monel stubs can be used with carbon steel back up flanges. The flow media only contacts the bellows and stub ends.

Forged Lap Joint Flanged Single Bellows: High-pressure applications may not be able to use vanstone stub ends. Lap joint stub ends can also be furnished in many different alloys and pipe schedules.

Plate Flanges With Tie Rods: Accord utilizes a triangular design on standard tie rod flanges. When (4) rods are required for pressure considerations, a square flange design is used. Standard flange drillings are to ANSI B16.5 specifications. Custom flanges are always available to meet customer requirements.

Beveled Weld End Single Bellows: Standard wall A53 carbon steel pipe is cut to any length and beveled for welding. Other pipe such as A106 GR B seamless, T-304 stainless steel, T-316 stainless steel and other exotic alloys can be furnished in all available pipe schedules.

Flanged Bellows with Pipe Spacers: With the use of pipe extensions, expansion joints can be made to required overall lengths. These joints can reduce the cost of additional modifications in the field. Pipe spacers also provide an area for optional flow liners to travel.

Exhaust Bellows Expansion Joints

Expansion joints provide the ultimate vibration isolation and flexibility at the engine exhaust manifold. System expansion joints are required to absorb the thermal expansion of the piping. The sales and engineering departments at Accord are eager to assist in selecting the proper expansion joints for your system.

Fixed Flanged Exhaust Bellows: Flanges are welded rigid on both sides. 1/2" thick plate flanges are most common for exhaust and blower applications. Stainless and carbon steel flanges can be fabricated with any bolt pattern in any size.

Vanstone Flange Exhaust Bellows: Floating flanges or vanstone flanges eliminate bolt alignment problems. Accord fabricates vanstone stub ends in stainless and other alloy materials. Carbon steel back up flanges are an economic solution.

Multi-ply Flanged Bellows: By design these joints have very low spring rates. On engine manifold applications, multi-ply expansion joints can absorb and isolate vibration and at the same time absorb certain amounts of thermal expansion. For critical applications such as marine and co-generation, multi-ply joints are a must.

Flanges with Spacer Tube: The bellows length is generally limited to 12" in length. When a longer assembly is required, fabricated stainless steel tubes are used. For standby applications, carbon steel tubes are available.

Flanged with Spacers and Liner: Flange spacers are furnished in T-321 stainless steel. Expansion Joints can economically be furnished in any length. When a flow liner is required, spacer tubes prevent contact damage to the

Single & Double Arch Rubber Bellows Expansion Joint with Floating Flanges

Elastomer neoprene, also available are Butyl, EPDM and Buna-N.

Single Sphere Sizes: 1-1/2" to 20" ID with Lengths: 6" face to face for sizes 1-1/2" to 8" and 8" face to face for sizes 8" to 20"

Double Sphere Sizes: 1-1/2" to 12" ID with Lengths: 7" face to face for sizes 1-1/2" to 3", 9" face to face for sizes 4" to 6", and 13" face to face for sizes 8" to 12"

Reinforcement: Synthetic fiber fabric.

Flanges: Carbon steel. May be replaced with ANSI, BS, JIS and DIN standard (drillings), please specify when ordering.??Applicable Fluids: Water, warm water, sea water, weak acids, alkalies, compressed air, etc..

Single Sphere Operating Pressures: 1-1/2" to 12" is 225 PSI; 14" to 20" is 125 PSI.

Double Sphere Operating Pressures: 150 PSI.

Vacuum Rating: Full.

Temperature & Range: 14°F to 220F.

Insulating Flange, Marpol Flange, Vapor Recover Concentric Reducer, and Swivel Joints

Insulating Flanges: Prevent the electrical flow in the piping system and eliminate the risk of an electrical arc when the hose is disconnected. Stray currents can flow through the loading arm or electrically continuous transfer hose and are noted as being a potential source of spark discharge during flange connection or disconnection. To prevent the flow of stray electrical currents, an insulating flange should be installed in the transfer line between vessel and shore whenever flammable or combustible liquids or gases are being transferred. Insulating flanges are manufactured from cast nylon and are resistant to the most common solvents, lubricants, hydrocarbons, esters, etc..

Marpol Flanges: are available in pipe ID sizes ranging from 2" to 5" ID, have 6 slotted holes, 7" flange PCD, and 8-1/2" flange OD. Marpol flanges are typically used for oil discharge.

Reducers: Accord manufactures concentric and eccentric reducers in various alloys, schedules, sizes and flange configurations. Concentric reducers are used in both cargo transfers operations and vapor recovery systems. Reducers for vapor recovery include a pin on one flange and vapor hole on the opposite flange.

Swivel Joints: are typically used for fluid handling, mud lines, rotary and circulating hose. Accord's swivel joints are available in size sizes 3/4" through 4" to 6,000 PSI non-shock cold working pressure. Swivel joints offer: minimum flow restriction, heavy duty hex head style ball loading plug, grease retainer ring (insures clean ball race), standard packing units (operating temperatures to 325°F), high temperature packing units (operating temperature to 450°F), superior hardened ball races insure uniform surface hardness and depth for longer life, severe thrust and radial loading, standard swivel joints are provided with API line pipe threads, and other end connections are available on special order. All sizes are available in eight styles, for 360° rotation in one, two or three planes. All component parts and all styles of the HP-6,000 are interchangeable with similar parts by other major manufacturers. Consult Accord Technical Sales for details.etc..

TYPHOON-12W - Water Driven Ventilator

Water Driven Ventilator: Use for general marine ventilation in any location where water is available. Portable gas-freeing fan, with standard 12" Butterworth cast aluminum mounting. Use for exhaust. The high volume capacities of these blowers make it easy to handle gas freeing, ventilating, drying or de-icing application aboard ships. Powerful water motor with stainless steel shaft. Supplied with 1-1/2" brass cam & groove couplers. Typhoon 12-W produces 4000 CFM @ 99GPM / 90 PSI.

Special Features of water driven ventilators:

1. These units are designed specifically for marine applications.

2. The cast aluminum main housing is flanged for tie-down on standard Butterworth hatches.

3. Spark resistant cast aluminum heavy duty fan housing.

4. Heavy duty ball bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed for life.

5. Stainless steel fan shaft eliminates internal rust problems.

6. Safety screens which meet OSHA standards.

7. Quality construction & materials resulting in low maintenance.

TYPHOON-12A, PA-12, and PA-20 - Air Driven Ventilators

Use for general ventilation in any location where compressed air is available. Portable gas-freeing fan, with standard Butterworth cast aluminum mounting. Suited for ventilation of tanks, process vessels, or other confined areas for the removal of hazardous fumes or contaminated air from welding, sandblasting and other operations. Typhoon 12-A produces 3120 CFM @ 100 PSI, PA12 produces 4000 CFM @ 80 PSI, and , PA20 produces 11000 CFM @ 100 PSI.

Special features of air driven ventilators:

1. These units are designed specifically for marine applications.

2. The cast aluminum main housing is flanged for tie-down on standard Butterworth hatches.

3. Spark resistant cast aluminum heavy duty fan housing.

4. Heavy duty ball bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed for life.

5. Stainless steel fan shaft eliminates internal rust problems.

6. Safety screens which meet OSHA standards.

7. Quality construction & materials resulting in low maintenance.

Note: PA-12 & PA-20, has matching heavy duty inlet and exhaust flanges allowing the unit to be reversed for either ventilating or exhausting applications.

TORNADO - Electric Driven Ventilators

Electric Driven Ventilators: Are lightweight, but ruggedly built. Used for ventilation of tanks, manholes, process vessels and similar confined spaces, as well as for cooling/drying applications. Electric motors available in either TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) or Explosion Proof (XP). These lightweight ventilators can be easily transported from job site to job site. Tripods and vertical adapting equipment is available upon request. Tornado ventilators are available in 8", 12", and 16" diameters. 8" diameter with 3/4 hp motor produces 1650 CFM, 12" diameter with 1 hp motor produces 3000 CFM, 16" diameter with 2 hp motor produces 5500 CFM. Motor input voltages range from 110 VAC, 220, and 440 VAC.

When fitted with optional inlet duct adaptors, the Tornado's high static pressure capability makes these units ideal for exhaust applications. Single and dual adapters are available. A dual adapter is available with two exhaust ducts for removing welding fumes or toxic vapors from two locations at once.

Special Features of the TORNADO Vaneaxial Blower/Exhauster Fan:

1. Available with either TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) or Explosion Proof (XP) motor.

2. Heavy gauge rolled and welded steel housing with carry handle(s).

3. Rugged steel welded nose cone with welded air guide, eliminates rattling & insures a quality product for years of trouble-free service.

4. Glass filled polymer or cast aluminum fan blade.

5. All welded steel construction standard (no casting to break/crack).

6. Powder coated OSHA Safety yellow. Inlet and outlet safety screens OSHA approved.

Air Horn and Air Mover

Air Movers, Air Horns: are used wherever there is a need to disperse fumes, move air into confined spaces, cool men working in elevated temperature conditions, or cool machinery or products with a blast of directed air. Common applications are found in refineries, chemical plants, utilities and co-generation units, metal fabrication plants, paper and pulp plants, shipyards, the marine industry and the steel industry. Air Movers can be refurbished which consists of: replacement of the complete horn, replacement of handle, sandblasting and painting of the base, chase inlet threads and boxing.

Tank Cleaning Couplings, Tank Cleaning Wye, and Hose Saddle

Tank Cleaning Couplings: For use with both 1-1/2" or 2" I.D. Accord Style 100 tank cleaning hose. The couplings are standard with 4 bolt brass interlocking clamps and 2-1/2" female NST (NH) threads. The couplings and clamps provide a secure connection, so a tank cleaning machine will not slip and be dropped to the bottom of the tank. ISSA and IMPA codes: 590671.

Tank Cleaning Wye: Brass tank cleaning wyes are designed to couple with the tank cleaning hose couplings. The inlet and outlets are all 2-1/2" male NST (NH) threads. ISSA and IMPA codes: 590672.

Tank Cleaning Hose Saddle: For use with Accord Style 100 tank cleaning hose. These tank cleaning hose saddles are made of corrosion-proof aluminum alloy. Tank cleaning hose saddles are available for 1-1/2" or 2" I.D. hose sizes. ISSA and IMPA codes: 590681, and 590682.

Tank Cleaning Machines

Tank Cleaning Machines: Accord distributes both fixed in place and portable tank washing (tank cleaning) equipment.

Sem-Jet Water Gun (Water Tobey)

Sem-Jet, Water Gun, Water Tobey: The Sem-Jet (Water Gun, Water Tobey) has a nozzle that is designed to convert a low pressure supply of water to a high velocity jet by the introduction of compressed air. This Water Gun, Water Tobey may be used in either a hand held or mounted on a simple tripod stand, for fast cleaning of cargo hold, hatches, machinery and paintwork.

Forcefully removes cargo residues, sludges etc.

HB - Hosebun & LHH - Hose Handling Sling

Hosebun: are available for hose ID sizes from 3" to 10". Hosebuns are composed of a red polymer and used with latex-treated yellow web slings uniquely engineered for each specific model. Sling rated capacities are established using a 5-to-1 safety factor. All slings are to be used in a choker hitch position to eliminate hose slippage.

Hosebuns increase productivity and reduce hose costs. The curvature prevents hose collapse by supplying recommended curvature of the hose, allowing an uninterrupted flow of material through the hose. Design features include: moisture drainage troughs that readily allow the hose to breathe, and friction ribs to prevent the hose from slipping. Reduces premature hose failures, thus increasing the life of the hose and decreasing the cost of replacement. Offers fast implementation with no special tools and low ongoing maintenance. Reduces fire and explosion hazards with non-sparking, non-conductive, static-free construction. Slings are easily replaced when worn or damaged. Increased awareness with high visibility safety red colors. Increased control during rigging changes and adjustments. Reduces risk to personnel working under or near a hoisted hose.

Hosebuns are manufactured to meet the standards of a comprehensive quality control program and the standards of independent regulatory bodies. With a reduced chance of costly cleanup, the liabilities of a liquid terminal operator are significantly minimized. Hosebuns properly selected for the job and correctly installed, provide years of maintenance-free service.

Hose Handling Sling: are available for hose ID sizes from 4" to 12". These hose handling slings are used to handle hoses to help prevent kinking, crushing and cutting of the hose. This is accomplished by distributing the load evenly over the width of the sling. The sling is designed for use in a choker hitch only. Variations of width and length are available.

Pipe Patch Clamps and Heavy Duty Pipe Repair Clamps

Pipe Patch Clamps: Pipe patch clamps are fast economical repair clamps to permanently repair pin holes, punctures or splits in steel pipe. These inexpensive clamps are used for plumbing, industrial, water, gas, oil, and irrigation.

Note: Available for 1/2" to 8" nominal pipe sizes. Larger Sizes available upon request.

Heavy Duty Pipe Repair Clamps: Provide fast permanent repair of pin holes, punctures or splits in steel and other types of pipe. These clamps are readily available for all sizes of pipe 1-1/2" and larger.

Material Specifications:

Gasket: Neoprene gridded gasket is compounded for use with water, salt solutions, mild acids and bases. Buna-N is available upon request.

Bolt & Nuts: Corrosion resistant, high strength low alloy (AWWA C-111, ANSI A21.11). 18-8 Type, 304SS is available upon request.

Lug: Ductile Iron ASTM A536

Band: Stainless steel, 18-8 Type 304

Note: Available for 1-1/2" to 20" nominal pipe sizes. Larger Sizes available upon request.

How to order or Request for quotation:

1. Determine pipe size.

2. Select proper clamp and width.

3. Order by clamp number and quantity.

Polly Pig - Pipe Line Cleaners

Accord polly-pigs are constructed of open cell polyurethane foam of various densities and is available with various types of external coatings. Although each pig has a specific application, some pigs are interchangeable according to the user's preference within certain parameters.

Polly-Pigs are molded of polyurethane foam material of light, medium, or heavy density. Its bullet shape is designed to aid in traversing fittings and valves. Concave ends are available for bi-directional service. The length of the pig are approximately twice its diameter to reduce the possibility of the pig tumbling in the pipeline. The diameter of the Polly-Pig is larger than the inside diameter of the pipe. This is done to exert a frictional drag between the foam pig and pipe wall. Pigs can be ordered to any custom size requirements.

Polly-Pigs have a concave base plate with a 90A durometer polyurethane coating. This provides a maximum rear sealing surface for the propelling forces of the fluids or gases being used.

Swabs or bare pigs, which have only the bases coated, are normally used in drying or batching operations. Special double-nose or double-dished pigs are used in bi-directional service. The exterior coating on the foam bodies consists of criss-cross type spirals of 90A durometer polyurethane. These spirals add strength and give greater wiping and scraping action as compared with bare foam.

Notes: Density: Scarlet = 8 lbs. / cu. ft.; Density of Red = 5 lbs. / cu. ft.; Density of Yello

Pyrex® Brand Heavy Wall, High Pressure, and Red Line Gage Glass Tubing

Heavy Wall Gage Glass: These are made from Corning's well known heat-resistant Pyrex® brand tubing. They also have the highest pressure ratings of any tubular gage glass.

High Pressure Gage Glass: These gage glasses are made from heat-resistant Pyrex® brand tubing. They are most versatile and widely used of all tubular gage glass.

Red Line Gage Glass: It is easy to spot liquid levels from a distance when using Pyrex® Brand Red Line tubular gage glass. The red stripe on a white background gives a special optical effect which makes the liquid level stand out clearly. Thus the gage can be easily read from across a room. Made from heat-resistant Pyrex® brand tubing.

Note: Gage glass is available in various OD sizes, lengths, contact Accord Catalog or Technical Sales for additional information.

Reflex Gage Glass, Conbraco Water Gage, Sight Glass, Washers, Glass Cutter, Polycarbonate Tubing

Reflex Gage Glass: Are specifically designed to make reading liquids easier. Reflex gage glass have prisms in the face, as the liquid flows across the glass it reflects giving a clear view of the level. Accord also supplies the gaskets and mica to make a complete replacement kit.

Conbraco Water Gages: These water gages are equipped with ball checks to prevent scalding the operator in the event of glass breakage. The sudden rush of steam and water will carry the balls to their seats thereby shutting off the escape of steam and water. 1/4" Needle Drain Valve in lower arm standard - 1/4" Pet cock in lower arm available upon request. Note: Conbraco water gages do not include glass tubing or brass guard rods. Accord International can supply both items. Glass tubing can be cut to your specifications.

Circular Sight Glass: Are used to allow observation within a sealed vessel or hazardous area. Applications include port holes, pressure vessels, chemical tanks, etc.. Circular sight glass is available in both toughened and annealed forms. Please provide Accord technical sales with the maximum temperature and pressure the glass will be exposed to and we will be pleased to offer solutions.

Gage Glass Washer: These gaskets are made from a heat resistant compound that is flexible enough to allow proper expansion of the molded lip against the glass. Correctly installed, with lip toward the bottom of the stuffing box, the applied pressure will force the lip tightly against the glass forming an effective seal and at the same time cushioning the glass from the metal. The outer wall will simultaneously expand against the stuffing box nut preventing pressure escape from the outside. The washer section is made thin enough to allow the glass to become adjusted to its proper alignment without any danger of breaking. When installing gaskets the nut should be made up thumb and finger tight. A wrench should not be used.

Gage Glass Cutter: This gage glass cutter has a chain that is wrapped around the glass tube and scores the glass allowing for nice clean cuts. The gage glass cutter can be used to cut any length from 1/2" to several feet long. This is the most popular glass tubing cutter.

Polycarbonate Tubing: Properties of polycarbonate tubing are much lighter than the weight of comparable glass, better shatter resistance and has excellent durability. Polycarbonate tubing will not warp, crack, corrode, resist aging and maintains good stability under heat, cold, moisture and other exposure.

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