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Couplings & Fittings

Standard Cam And Groove Couplings

Operation of Cam & Groove Couplings: To connect simply slide the adapter into the coupler and with normal hand pressure and press the cam arms down. To uncouple lift the cam arms and remove the adapter. Cam and groove couplers are also available with auto-locking and self-locking handles.

Cam and groove couplings range in sizes from 1/2" to 8". Cam and groove couplings are available in: 316 stainless steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron and polypropylene. ISSA and IMPA codes: 3518.

Note: Couplings are also available in reducing sizes (i.e. - 2" coupler x 1-1/2" hose shank)

Cam And Groove Spool Pieces & Accessories

Cam and groove spool couplings are available in standard and reducing sizes. Cam and groove handle assemblies are available in 316 stainless steel and brass. Cam and groove gaskets are available in: Buna N, Viton, PTFE envelope with Buna N and Neoprene, etc..

Cam And Groove Elbow Parts

Cam and groove elbow couplings are available in 45 and 90.

Cam And Groove Flanged Couplings & Sight Glass Couplings

Cam and groove flanged couplings are available in both 150# and TTMA drilling. Cam & groove couplings with sight flow indicators are designed for dry bulk transfer hose. Tank truck flanged sight flow indicators are designed to work with the tank truck flanged butterfly valve commonly found on gasoline trucks.

Dry Disconnect (Dry Break) Couplings

Dry disconnect (dry break) couplings are used in the petroleum industry, transportation, marine operations, tank farms and in plant applications. Dry disconnect couplings prevent spills. When you are moving valuable or hazardous fluids, the last thing you need are spills. Spills can be costly and dangerous to people and the environment. Standard seals for dry disconnect couplings are Viton, and can be easily replaced with Chemraz 500, Kalrez, or any other style of material needed for service.

Ground Joint Couplings

Ground joint couplings are recommended for steam hose service up to 450F. These couplings are also widely used with high or low pressure air, water, liquid petroleum gas, fluid petroleum products, and chemicals. To be used with interlocking clamp. Ground joint couplings are available in malleable iron, brass, and stainless steel.

Steam Quick Disconnect Couplings

Designed exclusively for steam applications, the Socket and Plug are solid brass with stainless steel springs and locking balls. The socket has a large plated steel sleeve especially designed for easier gripping with gloves. Two ethylene propylene O-rings in the Socket provide double protection against leaks. Rated to 100 PSI Saturated Steam (338F).

Universal (Crowsfoot) Couplings

Universal (Crowsfoot) couplings are recommended for air and water service up to 110 PSI @ 70F. Universal couplings are available in malleable iron, brass and 316 stainless steel. Only one safety clip is required for each universal coupling.

Note: also available in 4-lug for sizes ranging from 1-1/4" to 2". ISSA and IMPA codes: 351021, 351022, 351023, 351024, 351026, 351027, 351028, 351029, 351031, 351032, 351033, and 351034.

Sand Blast Couplings

All sand blast couplings are supplied with screws and gaskets. Installation: 1) Ends of hose must be cut square to fit snug against metal end. 2) Holding hose tight to end of fitting, insert screws and turn in full putting screw 180 from first to insure best centering. 3) After all screws have been placed, check tube opposite screws to be sure screws have not penetrated completely through. 4) On quick couplings insert safety clips.

Hose End x Crowfoot are designed for use on sand blast hose.

Hose End Nozzle Holder are designed for use on sand blast hose, nozzle holders have 1-1/4" NPSM thread.

Zinc plated phillips head screws for sand blast couplings 10 pieces x 5/8" thread.

Brass Long Shank Couplings & Brass Short Shank Couplings

Brass long shank couplings are commonly used on low pressure air or steam hose. The long shanks accommodate two or more clamps for safe sealing of coupling to hose.

Brass short shank couplings are cast of high grade red brass for maximum strength. Recommended when hose is used around salt water, in mines and when a non-sparking coupling is needed.

Note: Also available with aluminum shank and brass nut. ISSA and IMPA codes: 330865, 330866, 330867, 330868, 330869, 330870, 330871, 330872, 351061, 351062, 351063, 351064, and 351065.

Combination Nipples & Hose Menders

Combination nipples are made from tubular stock, to fit straight in the end of the hose. Available in threaded, weld beveled and groved ends in unplated steel, plated steel, 316 stainless steel, brass and aluminum. Combination nipples are commonly used with suction and discharge hoses.

Hose menders are used for coupling two pieces of hose. The working pressure of menders will vary with the size and construction of the hose, the type and number of clamps used, clamp placement, proper installation of clamps, temperature and product being conveyed.

Note: Also available with a ring in the middle.

Branch Piping Quick Couplings

Japanese type couplings are used for simultaneous connection of multiple hose to a single air supply source. Two types are available Line type (Type L), and Star type (Type S) in chrome plated steel only. Centralized piping can be set-up in any desired location. The branch inlet includes: 1 each of 400SH and 1 each 400 PM. The branch outlet includes the following: 4 each 20 SM and 1 each 40 SM. Individual Japanese type quick couplings are available in stainless steel, as well as chrome plated steel. ISSA and IMPA codes: 351651, 351652, 351653, and 351654.

Japanese Pneumatic Quick Couplings

SH (Coupler x Hose Barb) and PH (Plug x Hose Barb) quick couplings are available in Chrome plated steel and Stainless Steel. ISSA and IMPA codes: 351201, 351202, 351203, 351204, 351205, 351206, 351221, 351222, 351223, 351224, 351225, 351226, 351231, 351232, 351233, 351234, 351235, 351236, 351251, 351252, 351253, 351254, 351255, and 351256.

SM (Coupler x Male NPT) and PM (Plug x Male NPT) quick couplings are available in Chrome plated steel and Stainless Steel. ISSA and IMPA codes: 351302, 351303, 351304, 351322, 351323, 351324, 351332, 351333, 351334, 351352, 351353, and 351354.

SF (Coupler x Female NPT) and PF (Plug x Female NPT) quick couplings are available in Chrome plated steel and Stainless Steel. ISSA and IMPA codes: 351401, 351402, 351403, 351421, 351422, 351423, 351431, 351432, 351433, 351451, 351451, and 351453.

M42 x 2mm Cast Bronze Air Hose Coupling

M42 x 2mm cast bronze air hose coupling have a female threaded pin lug connection for use with the ships male threaded air outlet (JIS B 0207). The conical shaped insert provides a metal-to-metal mechanical seal. ISSA and IMPA codes: 351051, 351052, 351053, 351054, 351055, 351056, and 351057. Available in 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, and 25mm diameter hose shank. The M42 x 2mm coupling is available in a threaded hose cap, as well as in stainless steel please specify when ordering.

Two, Four & Six Bolt Clamps Interlocking Clamps

For use with tank cleaning couplings, ground joint couplings, interlocking type inserts and universal couplings. Interlocking couplings should be used for a securely locking coupling to hose.

Note: Larger sizes are available upon request. Interlocking clamps are available in malleable iron, brass, and stainless steel. ISSA and IMPA codes: 614092, 614093, 614094, 614095, and 614096.

T Bolt, Double Bolt, Spiral Double Bolt Clamps

T Bolt clamps are also available in all stainless steel and stainless steel band with zinc plated screw.

Double bolt clamps are made of rugged plated malleable iron with machine bolts and hex nuts. The inner surface has dual gripping ridges. Bolt lugs are reinforced to prevent bending out of alignment. ISSA and IMPA codes: 614080, 614081, 614082, 614083, 614084, 614085, 614086, 614087, 614088, 614089, 614090, and 614091.

Spiral Double Bolt Clamps are recommended to be used with convoluted PVC hose, etc.. Series "WG". For adequate holding power, a single clamp may be used on each end of 4" size. Two clamps are recommended for each end on sizes 6" ID hose and above.

Worm gear clamps are serrated, to tighten or loosen the clamp simply turn the screw hexagon screw. Available in all stainless steel or zinc plated band and galvanized screw. ISSA and IMPA codes: 614051, 614052, 614053, 614054, 614055, 614056, 614057, 614058, 614059, 614060, 614061, 614065, 614066, 614067, 614068, 614069, 614070, 614071, 614072, 614073, 614074, and 614075.

To set the center punch clamps use a mallet to strike the locking tool used to tighten the band of the clamp. ISSA and IMPA codes: 614101, 614103, 614104, 614105, 614106, 614107, 614109, 614110, 614111, 614112, 614113, 614115, 614116, 614117, 614118, and 614119.

Ball, Gate And Butterfly Valves

These 2 piece ball valves are constructed of forged brass. Designed for commercial and industrial use on steam, water, oil or gas. The conventional port ball valve has excellent flow characteristics.

Note: Also available in UL Listed. ISSA and IMPA codes: 752401, 752402, 752403, 752404, 752405, 752406, and 752407.

Accord's stainless steel one piece ball valves are designed for commercial and industrial use on water, oil or gas. The full port ball valve has excellent flow characteristics. ISSA and IMPA codes: 752411, 752412, 752413, 752414, 752415, 752416, 752417, and 752418.

Gate valves constructed of heavy duty body and bonnet are connected with a tight metal leak proof seat. It has a screwed bonnet, non-rising stem, solid wedge disc, and integral seats. Recommended for non-steam use in commercial and residential applications. May be repacked while in service under pressure.

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